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Melbourne’s La Mama Theatre returns to Taradale’s Ash Tree Studio this month with an emotion-packed play based on the real-letters of prisoners serving time.



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The much-loved lived performance institution staged Ladies of the Bay at Taradale’s Ash Tree Studio as part of the Castlemaine Fringe Festival.



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Jennifer and Girls Act Good are representing La Mama Theatre at the Castlemaine Fringe Festival



"A shortage of roles for female actors led to the founding of Girls Act Good"

"Monk has harnessed the skills of the GAG women to fill all the roles - in performance and production, from conception to completion - and created opportunities for members to teach each other. During each project, members learn a new skill or hone an existing one."



Monk and Dallinger are such exceptional actors


"Monk and Dallinger are such exceptional actors, both comfortable in their roles as inmates and as doting females. They are the perfect banana-split combination!
This is a poignant entertaining show about communication and a longing for love.
I highly recommend everyone to go see this brilliant and energetic show." READ MORE

Jennifer Monk is calling on her country roots for more than scones and jam

The actor and producer who has featured in notable productions including the television show Offspring, has created her third film as part of her work with Girls Act Good (GAG) – a company she founded in 2013. READ MORE

Jennifer Monk and James Rosier are a perfectly cast married couple and a superb ‘straight woman’ and ‘funny man’ team                  

 Driving Monks Productions kick off the Midsumma Festival 2017 at La Mama Courthouse with Sunday's Roast READ MORE




It’s Sunday’s Roast and everyone is heated          

 Sunday's Roast is coming full circle, showing for the final time at its opening venue, Carlton's La Mama Courthouse. READ MORE


Ms Monk I have seen before and admired her sharp focus, her attention to detail and her complete commitment to her characters - Stage Whispers review

After some theatrical disappointments lately at the prestigious Melbourne Festival, this ‘little’ show on the tiny La Mama stage lifts the spirits and restores one’s confidence with its professionalism, its focussed invention, its ideas, heart and intelligence. READ MORE



Jennifer Monk is part of the team that has created 'To Lonely, with love', a play presented by La Mama Theatre - Scribble Creative

We had a chat with her this as her show opens, what were your inspirations behnd creating this show? READ MORE



Jennifer Takes Centre Stage - McAuley Community Services for Women

During National Volunteer Week McAuley Community Services for Women pays tribute to Jennifer Monk for her contribution to our organisation. READ MORE



The Violet Sisters Review on Stage Whispers

 Ms Monk’s Sam is a thing to behold.  She takes her Sam from repellent to admirable, from mean and stubborn negativity to a different kind of defiance that negates pathos READ MORE



Review: Lady Shot, Melbourne Observer 

I was particularly mesmerized with the intensity of the director Jennifer Monk's performance, she was focused and engaging throughout.

READ MORE on page 43



A Lady Shot Review on Stage Whispers

This is an all female show but the ability of the performers to imitate the cultural tropes of men and masculinity is insightful. All the performers demonstrate a vast array of skill and talent and this is especially evident when they transition from female to male characters, beautifully detailed through gesture and facial expression. The distinct change in verbal and body language highlights the performativity of gender and renders it entirely theatrical. The hilarious Perfect Match segment features a male contestant (Monk) whose manhood is wounded when the contestants make unconventional choices. Monk’s performance makes it clear that this is a cowardly response. READ MORE



'Lady Shot' at La Mama, Melbourne Observer 

Directed by Jennifer Monk, A Lady Shot aims to be a ground-breaking, enthusiastic and entertaining piece of new Australian theatre. Created by Jennifer Monk, Girls Act Good was founded in 2013 to give female performers opportunities to work on great material while developing and sharing their skills.

READ MORE on page 41.



The Weekly Review 

Actor Jennifer Monk has lived in Ascot Vale for five years. She works with young local wannabe actors. The London School of Dramatic Art  honours graduate has been recognised by the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation, and has performed in London and Australia. Jennifer stars in the Australian premiere of the Irish play Breed, which is about domestic violence. READ MORE 


Most Promising Actress of the Month for March 2014

IN the up and down world of acting, career-changing opportunities are sometimes few and far between.  So one can definitely understand Jennifer Monk’s (StarCentral Magazine’s Most Promising Actress of the Month for March 2014) reaction when she learned that she had just been accepted to the prestigious London School of Dramatic Arts – “…I danced and screamed around the house, I couldn’t believe it, I was one of eighteen people in the world to be chosen to train at this school!” READ MORE


Actress jumps at chance to mentor

FROM the bright lights of London's West End, accomplished Warrnambool actress Jennifer Monk is back home to mentor aspiring thespians.Speaking ahead of a workshop with the next generation of actors on Sunday at Warrnambool College, Ms Monk said she was keen to land a role back in Australia after 12 months abroad. READ MORE

Article by Alex Sinnott


Stage set for next generation of performers

NOW, Jennifer Monk is back to help other budding actors find their feet.

Since graduating from the London School of Dramatic Arts in 2008, Monk has held drama workshops in Warrnambool and is back this month to host a series of casual classes before casting for a new production she is directing and producing to be performed here next month. READ MORE

Article by Tina Liptai

Young actors reach a vital stage

SIX south-west children are acting, singing and dancing their way towards a life in the limelight.

Eva Clark, Molly Grapentin, Tom Bruckner, Giorgina Maxwell, Amelia Monk and Georgia Hodgetts are part of the third annual Performance Ensemble production It Wasn't Me.

Today marks the students' third day devising a piece of theatre with monologues, dances and vignettes after starting an intensive rehearsal schedule on Sunday.

Director and former Warrnambool woman Jennifer Monk said her program encouraged local talent and self-expression in a "supportive environment". READ MORE.

Article by Bonnie Ziegeler



MIDNITE at New Theatre and thinking about children’s plays

I want to briefly mention the production of Midnite I saw on Saturday at New Theatre...adapted by Richard Tulloch from Randolf Stow's 'The Story of Wild Colonial Boy', directed by Jennifer Monk. READ MORE

Midnite at The New, Sydney